Women with big chunks in the EHF Cup

The four German women’s federations face difficult tasks in the group phase of the EHF Cup.

Bundesliga top rider SG Bietigheim has to deal with Rostov-Don (Russia), Byasen Trondheim (Norway) and the Hungarian club Erd HC in Group C in the fight for the quarter finals. This resulted in the draw in Vienna.

DHB Cup winner HC Leipzig meets in group B at the Russian club Kuban Krasnodar, Brest Brittany Handball (France) and Alba Fewerar KC from Hungary.

The VfL Oldenburg plays in group A against IK Savehof (Sweden), Randers HK from Denmark and Nantes Loire Atlantique (France). TuS Metzingen competes in Group D with Glassverket (Norway), the Danes of NFH Nykobing and Handball Club Lada (Russia) to continue.

This season is played in a new mode. Instead of knockout duels, there is first a group phase. The feedback and feedback will take place in January and February. The first batches take place on January 7th/8th, the last on February 11th. The first two groups qualify for the quarter finals.

The groups at a glance:

Group A: VfL Oldenburg, IK Sawhof (Sweden), Randers HK (Denmark), Nates Loire Atlantique HB (France)

Group B: HC Leipzig, Kuban Krasnodar (Russia), Brest Brittany Handball (France), Alba Fehervar KC (Hungary)

Group C: SG BBM Bietigheim, Rostow-Don (Russia), Erd HC (Hungary), Byasen Trondheim (Norway)

Group D: TuS Metzingen, Glassverket (Norway), NFH – Nykobing (Denmark), HC Lada (Russia)

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