Willi Weber: Recommended Schumacher from Comeback

A few days ago an article of the Cologne Express”in the Formula One scene has stirred up enormous dust. The release was a statement by former Michael Schumacher manager Willi Weber, who again wanted to defend his former protege against criticism from Bernie Ecclestone.

The former Formula One boss had explained to “Auto Image Motorsport,” that legendary Schumacher scandals such as Adelaide 1994, Jerez 1997 or Monte Carlo 2006 have brought “a lot of publicity” to the Grand Prix sport, “but not necessarily the ones we wanted”. Furthermore, according to Ecclestone, Schumacher’s “problem” was that he knew “no limit”.

statements that Weber strongly contradicts against the “Express”: This was Ecclestone’s “stupid talk” that had “filled his pockets” thanks to Schumacher for years. Furthermore, Ecclestone’s “stillness” is to insult someone who can’t resist: “You don’t normally do anything like that.”

At the request of colleagues at “”, Weber does not want to leave his statements in the room, at least in this sharpness. He points out, however, that the Ecclestone article annoyed him: “I did not expect Bernie to do this. It is completely inaccurate when he says something like that.”

Weber: Schumacher has helped Formula 1 to fly high

“Michael has gone over the limit in Formula 1 at all times or even beyond. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been world champion seven times,”says Weber.”It’s the only way. And this was also used by the formula 1, which was on a high at Michael’s time, as they can only hope for today.”

After all, Weber and Ecclestone agree on one point: his comeback at Mercedes in the years 2010 to 2012 would have been better saved by Michael Schumacher. Ecclestone says, “It was good for formula one, less good for him. But that’s what I meant by the limits that he didn’t know for himself.”

Weber agrees with””:”I advised Michael against it and told him very clearly that in my opinion he can gain nothing but lose. Whether or not he is going to be world champion for the eighth time, basically nobody cares. But the risk is very high.”

The 77-year-old today was also after Schumacher’s (first) career end of his manager. In the year of 2010, when Schumacher got back into the cockpit, the roads parted. Schumacher first managed himself with the help of his media adviser Sabine Kehm. Later Kehm took over his management completely.

Weber explains that Schumacher had long since decided to do the comeback after his first conversation with Ross Brawn when he asked him for advice: “He did not let go. He said, “What am I supposed to do? I’m bored. I want to go.”I told him,”Don’t do it!” I was against it, and I told him so. It was all for nothing.”

Weber: Schumacher’s comeback decision was set

“He just made sure what his manager said about it. He told him, “It’s not a good idea, you can only lose.” And so it was,”says Weber. It’s a real shame how the three years went. I was so sorry. But what am I supposed to do? When it became clear that Schumacher was going on another world tour with formula 1, Weber found that he no longer wanted to wear the tights of the Grand Prix circus. At first, therefore, a compromise was reached: Weber accompanies Schumacher to the races in Europe, but no longer overseas.

But that did not last long: “He then came up with the proposal that he wants to manage himself,” recalls Weber. “He is the one who wants to manage himself.” So we sat down at a table and said, “We’re going out of the conversation the way we’ve always been friends.” And so it happened.”

Weber then briefly took care of Nico Hullkenberg, “I just didn’t want to pack any more suitcases and let the jet lag go over me,” he says. “I don’t want to do this anymore.” I also looked the other way and found my joy in it.”