Will Daniel Ricciardo’s set-up fail become a gambler?

After qualifying and starting points four and five for Max Verstappen (+0676) and Daniel Ricciardo (+0866), Red Bull is safe: under normal circumstances, no herb can grow against Mercedes in Le Castellet. Mercedes is in this race over all the mountains as long as they don’t beat it themselves,”says team leader Christian Horner. These tires fit perfectly with their car on this cover.”

Ricciardo especially agrees after the session a sound song: After Red Bull on Friday sent the”Aussie”with a set-up for a lot of downtime into training and put on a little downtime in case of congestion, Ricciardo wanted to go the Dutch way on Friday morning. But then the rain came.

“So we could not try it out and we went back to what we knew,” Ricciardo explains. “We were not able to try it out.” And then by the end of Q1, I used as many front wings as possible, and we still had lower controls. So my hands were tied, and I was just a passenger. In retrospect we should have taken the other set-up, because tomorrow I will have a hard time on the straight.”

Weather determines Ricciardos Le-Castellet’s fate

But perhaps Ricciardo’s mouth angle on Sunday after the race will once again show steeply upwards, because his unpopular set-up could become a trump card: that is, if it rains on Sunday afternoon.” When it rains, I could be the lucky one,”he realizes himself that the starting point is not hopeless.”I’m not the lucky one.” Then we can make it to the podium.”

And since the Red Bull Bolide is traditionally a good rain car, even the third season victory of Ricciardos would be possible. The likelihood of rain for Sunday is currently 30-percent. It’s the highest in the afternoon. What Ricciardo can’t possibly need is a cool summer day with no rain.

“If it’s as cold as it is now, it’s probably the worst, because then the rear tyres will hold well and we’ll get more and more under-steering,” he explains. “If it’s as cold as it is now, it’s probably the worst, because then the rear tyres will hold well and we’ll get more and more under-steering.” This is because the Scuderia is the only top team to start the Ultrasoft tyre, while the Red Bull and Mercedes pilots will start with the slightly tougher Super Soft tyres.

Red Bull: Vettel about the strategy can be beaten

And then it would be good for Ricciardo, If the tires on Sebastian Vettel’s bolts melt after a few laps and the qualifying third has trouble getting through with a stop. Horner knows this, too, who sees his pilots at a disadvantage only at the start because of the tougher tyre: “I think we have a chance against Ferrari. You have an advantage of eight meters at the start, but more dismantling. I hope that this will give us more opportunities and opportunities in the race. It will be very difficult to overtake here, so you have to do it over the strategy.”

The Brit hopes that the long-drawn right turns in Le Castellet above all will force the left front tires of the Ferrari pilots to their knees quickly:”You have to get over the rounds with him for a long time, Ricciardo believes that, apart from a possible rain race, Red Bull will only have a chance against Vettel if the Scuderia slips into tyre trouble.

“I will try to keep Kimi behind me when I start,” promises the Qualifying Fifth. “I will try to keep Kimi behind me.” At Seb, it will depend on whether he has problems with the ultrasound tyre. If not, and Seb stays ahead of us at the start, it will be difficult for us to keep his pace at the end of the race with the same tyre if we all choose the soft mix, which I think will be the case.”His prognosis:”This race can become a lottery or a procession. I hope for a second.”

Understanding: Why the qualifying problems disappear

It is interesting that Ricciardo shifts his problems with the under-tax to a wrong set-up decision – -while teammates who were faster in Q3 around two-tenths had similar difficulties.” I also had taxes,”confirms the Dutch.

“That is our general weakness here. I don’t know what it is, because then we would have changed it, but we just had too much under-taxation to be faster through all these long curves. The front tyres have no grip, and you cannot push when entering the curve and have to wait for the front axle to reach.”

Nevertheless, the 20-year-old does not believe that this problem will hinder him in the race as well.” This is because you don’t usually push the tires so hard in the race,”explains Verstappen, who also hopes for strategic success.” It’s a new route for everyone. This is certainly more difficult than usual.”

Why does hiding put on less drive

The fact that Red Bull in Le Castellet is further behind than in previous qualifyings does not want to overestimate”If we do not have a good day in terms of balance, then that is quite normal, because we need a perfect set-up to get close to Mercedes, because we have the disadvantage on the straight.”

And it has a special effect on the power line in southern France.” Max drives with a track less abortion than Daniel, thus roughly with the abortion level of spa Francorchamps,”explains Team Chief Horner. Unfortunately, we are still losing seven tenths to the straight.”So basically, the entire distance to Pole-Setter Lewis Hamilton.

But how did it come to put constipation on less abortion than Ricciardo? This apparently has to do with his rim problem in the first Free Training. Max had even more abortions on Friday morning than I did, but he had a problem, and that’s why they said: let’s try it with a little abortion,”Ricciardo says.