Why Vettel is already under pressure at Aston Martin

Formula 1 is just ahead of its second season race in Imola, where Sebastian Vettel is already under pressure after the start-up debacle in Bahrain at Aston Martin. The big question is: When will the former Ferrari star succeed in the end of the trend?

For Sebastian Vettel the year 2021 should be a new beginning. After his disastrous farewell season at Ferrari, 33-year-old boy moved to Aston Martin, The British Racing Green symbolized for Vettel the hope of improvement and for the racing stables the start towards the top of the field.

The times, in which Vettel had to fight for every single point of the World Cup and then either completely clueless and often even skipped his interviews, should belong to the past. At the team presentation, the German seemed almost redeemed. Vettel had finally found his laugh again.

But even after the first race in Bahrain, the euphoria of a lethargy has evaded, A lean dot stands for Aston Martin in Buche, driven by team owner son Lance Stroll and not by the highly decorated new access. Vettel’s first weekend in the new car, on the other hand, was a disaster.

Sebastian Vettel in Bahrain went wrong

After the long test days ahead, which were characterized mainly by technical problems, expectations for the formula-1-start were dampened anyway. It was clear that drivers, teams and cars still had to play each other. But, as so often in the past year, it got worse than expected.

Vettel’s best time in the first qualification was just enough for rank 18 and thus not for entry into Q2. Only a few hours before the start of the race, the Heppenheimer was then also placed on the final starting point because he had disregarded the double yellow flag at the beginning of his fastest lap.

In the race, at the end of his long first stint, he acted as a brake pad for his opponents, which in turn benefited Stroll and made it possible to win points. The team thus implemented the four-time World Champion on a one-stop strategy. On the hard tires, however, he could not follow the Pace of the other riders and only landed in place 15.

In Round 44 then the sad climax of Vettel’s Horror-Ride: When he reached the first turn, he hit the back of Alpine pilot Esteban Ocon and received a ten-second penalty for it. An accident reminiscent of times gone by. Also at the Eifel Grand Prix last year on the Nurburgring, Vettel made a similar patzer.

But not only his behaviour on the track, but also his statements give up puzzles. After the Bahrain Grand Prix the verbal role followed backwards. “I don’t feel at home in the car, many things are fighting against me there so I can’t concentrate on driving”, Vettel complained. Nevertheless, he critically admitted: “It is my job to drive the car and to race well, which I did not do today.”

That is what matters now for Sebastian Vettel

Lesinger will certainly not be the pressure on the 53-time Grand Prix winner. “He must be at the front. I mean, he has to be faster than his teammate,”Sky expert Ralf Schumacher, who stressed at Sport1 that Vettel had to stop the feuding. Vettel had to “act smart” and “really concentrate on the essentials,” said Timo Glock.

The fact that Lance Stroll, whose skills are still disputed by motorsport scholars, was clearly ahead of Vettel throughout the first weekend, further complicates his situation. And: last week Nico Hullkenberg was introduced as an official Aston-Martin replacement driver, who had driven straight to the points with the previous year’s car at his two races without preparation time. Critical observers should not forget this discrepancy with Vettel’s achievements to date.

The fist formula for the end of the downstream does not sound so complicated from Schumacher’s mouth however: “What is important is a normal weekend, with a proper qualification, not directly in the first out, to be faster than the teammate and not drive anyone in the back. But in Imola, with the car dromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari, there is a real stumbling block waiting for Vettel: a line, It would be a surprise, however, from Vettel’s point of view, to see the desired liberation blow.

That it is precisely here that the much-needed “normal” weekend for the caring child succeeds, would be a surprise

Luis Holuch