What is the tyre strategy for the Brazilian GP?

In an exciting qualifying for the Brazilian Grand Prix Lewis Hamilton has secured the pole position from Sebastian Vettel. How does this affect the race?

Threatening rain showers have marked the first and second stages of qualifying in Sao Paulo. The teams tried to make their rounds as early as possible in the true sense of the word dry towels.

Only Ferrari starts on Soft

Ferrari poker in the Q2, breaks off a first run on Supersoft and switched to the tougher Soft without a teased round. Mercedes and Red Bull went through their first run on Supersoft and then switched to Soft, but did not improve the time. Thus Ferrari, as the only top-10 team with Soft, will enter the race (from 17:15 o’clock live at RTL or in the liveticker), all the others will start on the slightly less stable super soft.

Supersoft brings three meters

Whether this is a tactical disadvantage, It’ll come out first. At the start, the Supersoft offers at least a little more grip, which could give about three meters advantage. The soft one should allow a slightly longer first stitch, but with both types of tyres a 1-stop strategy (second stitch on medium) is probably feasible. This means that the drivers starting on Supersoft will make an undercut on the opponents in the race. If they do not get into traffic, it can even be advantageous.

The influence of a potential safety car (real or virtual) depends on the time. An early SC helps the super soft cars, while those starting on Soft hope for a later.

Red Bull must hope for tyre problems with silver and red

In the race there should be a close fight between Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel to win, where their teammates Valtteri Bottas and Kimi Vrikkunen have outdoor hooks. Red Bull must hope for tyre problems with the silver and red, as they emerged on Friday. Then her hour might come. However, it will be difficult for the Red Bulls to overtake because of the very modest top speed.

Haas and Clean are probably the first candidates to the remaining points. For Nico Hullkenberg and his Renault team, placing in the Top Ten would be a small miracle.