Werder wins five-goal spectacles against Augsburg

Third game, first three: Becoming Bremen breathes heavily. The team of trainer Florian Kohfeldt won against FC Augsburg in a turbulent game with 3:2 (2:1) and celebrated the first points of the season.

Yuya Osako by double pack (6. and 67.) and Josh Sargent (21.) met for the playful Bremer, who, after a yellow-red card for the Augsburg Stephan Lichtstein (34.) also played almost an hour in excess. Ruben Vargas (12) was the first FCA to be stuck with a point in the table. and 46.) twice balanced.

“The most important thing is that we keep three points and have finally won the first win,” said Werders Marco Friedl, who delivered the presentation to the winner: “Compliments to the team. Augsburg’s double goalkeeper Vargas, meanwhile, saw the plaque as a crunch: “If you’re less a man so early, it’ll be hard to get back.”

Five gates, even more chances and a place reference: The 40.041 spectators in the Weserstadion saw a game with high entertainment value. Bremen without seven (!) injured professionals had to come out, dominated the game over long distances and showed themselves extremely playful forward and missed several opportunities.

Back, however, the Greens-whites once again seemed vulnerable. Despite the participation of New Access Michael Lang, who had been borrowed from Borussia Munich for a year on Thursday, in the third game, the Bremer discarded seven and eight opponents.

“This zero there, which annoys me,” Bremen Coach Kohfeldt had said before the game, She causes frustration: “We don’t want to go to the country break like this.”

Dream Gate for Werder: Sargent refines Sahin example

With this very determination the Green-White entered the game. It took exactly five minutes for the Werder fans to cheer for the first time. Nicholas’s fountain pitched the ball emotionally into the run of Osako, who remained cool in the duel against FCA-Keeper Tomas Koubek and fell flat out of 16-metres.

Admittedly, Augsburg responded with a lot of pressure and a quick balance by Vargas head fall, but Werder stayed at the trigger and did not conquer the lead ten minutes later with a beautiful hit. After a high example by Nuri Sahin Sargent asked to dance: Without the ball touching the ground, the US assailant took the leather out of the air, then took it emotionally over Koubek and finally pushed it into the empty gate.

And the landlords continued to steam, After the early recognition of space against light stone, there were even more rooms. Werder had to let go of the accusation that he had not already decided to pause in view of the chances almost in the minute’s touch.

Bremen increases the pressure – Osako rewards himself

This retaliates quickly. Exactly 52-seconds after reenactment Vargas struck out of nowhere. The Bremer players still appeared in the cabin with their thoughts, as Florian Nieechner entered the Werder Penitentiary completely without any pressure from the right and used the goalkeeper, who only needed to put in.

Werder responded with a lot of pressure, and the guests phased in to their own sixteen. Shots from Osako (57.), Davy Klaassen (60.) and Captain Niklas Moisander (65.) missed their target, then Osako met by direct download.