WEC boss sure: Train horse Alonso will bloom

In difficult times, the long-distance world championship has found a Messiah: Fernando Alonso will compete for Toyota at least the races in the year 2018, with a view to all races in the season 2018/19. For the Spanish Formula One superstar, the WEC has even moved a whole race, What has led to a controversy.

The big question now facing the whole world of motor sports is, of course: How does the two-time world champion, who is still the best driver of the present for many in Formula One, find himself on completely unknown terrain? During the 24-hour Daytona, which he used as a general rehearsal, he showed an impeccable, if not outstanding, performance. But this was also partly due to his material, which did not allow a battle for the top.

For WEC chief Gerard Neveu this question does not arise at all. What makes it so different from formula 1 are the other cars, different speeds and the fact that you have to share the car with other drivers. But I am sure he will do a perfect job because he is such a great champion,”says the Frenchman to’’.

“We had to find ways to give this championship a new boost”

Alonso’s debut in the long-distance scene falls exactly the”Superseason”of the WEC, in which the calendar is changed to a winter season. Thus, in one season he can drive Le Mans twice if he continues the program also 2019.

“We had to find ways to give this championship a new boost,” Neveu explains. “We had to find ways to give this championship a new boost.” It was the perfect opportunity. We changed the calendar and packed Le Mans by the end of the season. Now we have Le Mans twice in the season. This is a great thing and absolutely unique!”©