Victory train complete! SC Magdeburg loses in Berlin

SC Magdeburg has won the first season in the Handball Bundesliga. The team was defeated by Coach Bennet Wiegert on the seventh day of the match by the foxes Berlin with 24:27 (10:14). Superior Berliners were Mattias Zachrisson and Paul Drux, In the table, the eleven cities (14:2) slid to second place behind Master SG Flensburg-Handewitt (14:0). With seven victories in the first seven games, the Magdeburgers had set an internal record.

Before 9000 spectators, the guests started playing. furios and went quickly with 3:0 in the lead. For the foxes, this was apparently a quail. The capitals still turned the game on 6:5 in the early quarter and did not give the tour until the end of the game.

Fox Berlin – SC Magdeburg 27:24 (14:10)
Gate: Drux (5), Zachrisson (5), Elisson (4), Holm (4), Wiede (4), Simak (2), Koch (1), Schmidt (1), Reissky (1)for Berlin – Musche (6/3), Weber (5), Petterson (4/4), Bezjak (3), Darmgaard Nielsen (2), O’Sullivan (2), Christiansen (1), Lagergren (1) for Magdeburg
Viewer: 9000

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