Vettel celebrates his first Hungarian victory after a Hussar’s Ride

Sebastian Vettel caught a cream day in sunny Budapest. At the Grand Prix of Hungary, the Ferrari pilot gets a dream start and a perfect race, which he crowned with his second victory this season. After 1:46:09985 hours, the four-time world champion crossed the finish line under the cheer of the Ferrari crew first. It is an incredible day,”the winner rejoiced. After a turbulent race on the Hungaroring, the Red Bull duo Daniil Kvyat (+ 15748 seconds) and Daniel Ricciardo (+ 25084) raced to places 2 and 3.

The favorite Mercedes drivers Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg had a rough day. Hamilton only got to rank six, Rosberg even had to settle for position eight and was totally served: “It’s total bullshit. Gross. It’s such a shame, oh man!”, the second World Cup. Nico Hullkenberg was disqualified after an accident in Round 42. However, cheer reigned at Toro Rosso and McLaren-Honda. Max Verstappen and Fernando Alonso took advantage of the favorites’sliders and took the rows 4 and 5.

Vettel, who dedicated his victory to the late Formula One colleague Jules Bianchi, laid the foundation stone for his second triumph as Ferrari pilot at the start. Pole-man Hamilton did not come from the place at all. Rosberg and especially the Ferrari riders Vettel and Kimi Vrikkunen got a perfect start. Vettel was the first to make the first turn in front of Rosberg, King of the Rhine and Hamilton. In curve 2, rowing queens passed Rosberg, so that two Ferrari led the race in front of two Mercedes.

But it came even thicker for the World Champion in Round 1. In a stormy attempt to attack Rosberg, he came off the track, scooped through the gravel and fell back to Rang 10. Hilkenberg kept an overview in all the confusion and improved after a lap from square 11 to 6.

At the top Vettel felt poodle-well and drove one fastest lap after the other. The surprising thing was Rosberg couldn’t keep up with the pace of the Ferrari. After fifteen rounds, the four-time champion was two, three seconds ahead of his teammate, King of the Rhine, and eight, five seconds before Rosberg. After the top pilots had completed their first stops, Vettel led after 24 laps with 6,1 seconds before the races and 12,1 seconds before Rosberg. Hamilton was at this point at a 30-second distance from the leader.

The World Championship leader went on to pursue his teammate Rosberg, who, unlike Vettel, Ruikkunen and Hamilton, had the slower media tires on. In round 40’s the distance between the Mercedes drivers lasted only five seconds. The title defender could not reduce the gap on Vettel. The Ferrari-Star led with 9,7 seconds before the King, Rosberg (+ 26,7) and Hamilton (32,7).

From Round 40 onwards, the king-kings fought only with blunt weapons, because the big electric motor failed and thus lacked nearly 150 PS. Hullkenberg had even bigger problems, which in Round 42 suddenly dropped at high speed of the front wing. The Force India was out of control and Hullkenberg drilled into the tire pile. Fortunately, the 27-year-old who had been placed on rank seven at that time remained unharmed. The Virtual Safety Car was then activated. Rosberg and Hamilton immediately arrived at the box for changing tires. One circuit later stopped Vettel and Ruikkunen. The’real’Safety Car came on the line because parts of the wreckage had to be removed. With this, Vettel’s beautiful lead was ruined. p>

In Round 49 the race was released again. Vettel defended his leadership at the re-launch. The handicapped king, who had to give up the race later, had no chance against Rosberg, who immediately overtaken him. Hamilton also had problems when he collided with Ricciardo in a duel and suffered damage to the front wing. Hamilton was then fined for this, and all the chances of winning were lost.

So Vettel, Rosberg and the bear-strong Ricciardo made the victory on their own, at least until round 64. Ricciardo attacked Rosberg, committed a crime and slit the left rear tire of the Mercedes pilot. Rosberg fell a long way back because he had to go to the box. Ricciardo needed a new front wing, but still saved rank three behind his teammate Kvyat. At the top, Vettel was thus free of his followers and was relatively relaxed towards the 41st Grand Prix victory of his career. The Safety Car didn’t really need it. The Pace was great, we had a great car and we were able to prevail despite the Safety Car,”said the conclusion of the 28-year-old Ferrari star before he said goodbye to celebrate after his first triumph in Hungary and then to the summer break.

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