Vettel cancels the Race of Champions

Ferrari-Pilot Sebastian Vettel will forego a start this year at the Motorsport Showevent Race of Champions (RoC).

This reports the Sports Picture”and justifies the German’s refusal to focus on the preparation of his Formula One season 2018 in the simulator in Maranello. Vettel’s abstention from the event, which is held for the first time in Saudi Arabia’s capital Riad, is surprising for several reasons.

Finally, in the last ten years, the Heppenheimer went to the RoC with only one interruption (2014 on Barbados). For this he took trips to London, Beijing, Dusseldorf, Bangkok and Miami on his own and did not shy away from the risk of injury. Even though he was always denied the win of the singles, Vettel won six times in the National Chapter alongside his idol Michael Schumacher and once alone –there were emotional moments for him.

In addition, Vettel only last week with a flaming plea for show events, in which the best pilots of different series competed against each other in identical cars. I like it and am there every year,”he said with reference to the RoC. He even threw a sidebar at colleagues: “I don’t know why others aren’t in the middle. I think it’s mainly because they like to spend their holidays elsewhere.”

Vettel was previously part of the inventory

From the Ferrari point of view, despite the threat of the Pascal Wehrlein accident last year, it makes only limited sense, Vettel to ban a trip to Saudi Arabia, if that is the case at all. First, you want to keep the superstar in the mood, second, you want to sell your sports cars on the important market in the Middle East. A performance of the best horse in Riad would be just right. Who would know better than the former marketing manager Maurizio Arrivabene?

The RoC is an annual invitation event where drivers from all categories, from Rallye to NASCAR to MotoGP, meet in different vehicles on a mini course in a stadium. Vettel has been part of the inventory until now, while other Formula One stars avoid the event: Lewis Hamilton has never been a guest, just like Kimi Reiki, Fernando Alonso’s recent participation is fifteen years ago.