Vermeulen: Villeneuve is not a fan of Max

The verbal quarrel between Jacques Villeneuve and Max Verstappen hit Monza high waves.

First, the former World Champion had warned the Dutchman to calm down and thought he would kill someone if he went on like this. This, however, did not sit on him and refuted that Villeneuve should be careful with such statements, after all, he himself killed a line post (2001 in Australia) in an accident.

Hidden had to be criticized from the outside for this statement, But in the Red Bull house, you protect yourself from 18-year-olds. The quote is out of context and thus gains a much sharper meaning,”Motorsport Advisor Helmut Marko at”Sky”does not want to know about a scandal.” It is well known that from a longer interview a sentence is sent out that suddenly has a completely different meaning.”

That’s also what Understand Manager Raymond Vermeulen sees.” Max, in his statement, meant that one must be careful to combine his driving style and death,”he waved to”picture on Sunday.”Instead, Vermeulen pushes black Peter back towards the Canadian, “Villeneuve has to be careful with this formulation, and he has to be careful with it. I can only agree with Max and say: This is disrespectful to the family of the killed line post.”

“Knowing that Villeneuve does not judge Max positively”

The fact that the charge comes from Villeneuve does not surprise him at all, Finally, the Canadian had criticized the entry of the teenager from the very beginning and thought that formula 1 should not simply be given as a gift under the Christmas tree.” We know that Villeneuve is not a fan of Max and does not appreciate him positively,”says Vermeulen, and Marko also says:”Villeneuve has been one of the sharpest and toughest critics since Max is in formula 1.”

The Dutch world champion of 1997 must therefore be able to stab the powerful opponent, Finally, he himself likes to deliver verbally. However, the Austrian has also warned Understand himself because of his comments: “Such a topic is delicate, so you have to be more careful,” he says. Understanding should pay attention to his words in the future, because such quotes are often taken out of context.” He saw that, too. He will certainly be more careful in the future.”

Marko highlights media impact

But Marko does not fail to stress that understanding with its kind also has positive effects. The formula 1 was due to the controversy in the conversation and in the media, and fans bring the 18-year-old anyway, as one has seen to the orange-dressed fans in Belgium.” Bernie Ecclestone has said today t hat we need ten comprehensions,”says Marko.

If the Youngster now regularly produces strong results, Red Bull would be happy. With Daniel Ricciardo, you already have one of these pilots who, however, receives less media attention.” Unfortunately, Ricciardo’s going down, but that’s okay. Marko says: “From the speed and the tyre grooming, it is the absolute world class. This strengthens us all the more that we will fight very hard for the World Cup title next year.”