Updates: McLaren fears massive shock

McLaren saw himself as a podium candidate at the Monaco Grand Prix, but the team once again delivered only average food in qualifying, even if Fernando Alonso managed to sneak into fifth place thanks to good strategy.

Now comes lines that should be less than the MP4-31. To avoid a fiasco, Honda wants to respond to the driving dates of the competition. We could be in for a huge shock,”says Yusuke Hasegawa.

If the Renault workshop team, which will be using a revised V6 hybrid in both cars in Montreal, continues to move forward and takes a snap at McLaren’s power courses in Canada, Azerbaijan and Austria,”the situation looks bleak.” If they overtake us with innovations, then we must respond with something,”the Japanese underline. Alonso is all the more sorry that he did not raise capital in qualifying on favourable terms in Monaco.

Button in front of Canada pessimistic

“The line is exceptional”, The Spaniard warns against generalizations and also sees the weather capsules as the reason for the good cut: “We did everything right about this.” In this respect, team colleague Jenson Button disagrees. He suspects that McLaren was underestimated because the package would have been even more efficient on dry track. He says, “Then we would have gotten both points. I’d rather not expect that in Canada.”

McLaren is a troublemaker. One of these is that the engineers are unable to significantly reduce the Honda drive in the open workouts because there is generally too little power in the system. This costs reliability and also means that competition on Saturdays can increase more strongly than Alonso and Button.” The drivers would otherwise complain,”notes Yusuke Hasegawa.

“We need a result now”

Although McLaren is”convinced by the data”according to race leader Eric Boullier to possess one of the best chassis in the whole field, Button complains:”We do notice, that we have weaknesses in the balance. Alonso sounds alarming when he says that the mood in the troop might falter: “We need a result now for the motivation and for the boys in the factory.”

“You should not always hear that the car would be good”, The former World Champion calls for an end to endurance and expects a longer period of suffering in Woking.” At Red Bull you can see what progress is needed to be competitive,”says Alonso about the Austrians who, after their break-in, took nearly three years to fight back.