Unhappy figure: Berger criticizes Ferrari

That technical director James Allison left Ferrari with immediate effect, even though team leader Maurizio Arrivabene had dismissed such rumors as ridiculous on Sunday in Budapest, In particular, Scuderia’s unfortunate communication strategy is not only astonishing to media representatives who publicly criticized Arrivavel for spreading untrue rumors. Industry experts are also astonished.

Gerhard Berger, for example, finds that Ferrari has cast an unfortunate figure in the matter: “In Hungary still pretend that there is nothing to the rumors, and three days later the confirmation”, the former Ferrari pilot wonders about’Auto Image Motorsport’.” One can now consider what is worse –that they knew nothing or that they lied…”

Sebastian Vettel, however, asks the media for restraint when it comes to the Allison case:”It is a decision that was made jointly,”he says. But since Allison’s wife Rebecca died surprisingly in March, “just for reasons of mutual respect, it is not a situation that deserves not to be pushed too far out”.

riddles about the true backgrounds

What was the real reason for the separation is not yet known. The 48-year-old had only worked three to four days a week in Maranello to take care of his children more in England. In addition, there are also supposed to have been differences of opinion with Ferrari chief Sergio Marchionne.

“It is of course a big change for us as well as for him,” says Vettel and adds: “For the better, as I hope! It will, of course, be a bit different when it comes to work. Not immediately today or tomorrow, but for the future, certain things will change. His role was just too big for that. But now we have to wait and see.”

Clear admits: Allison will be missing

Ferrari Chief Engineer Jock Clear, who has feathered a lot of Allison’s absence in the spring, admits that it”does not go unnoticed”if you lose someone of the caliber of a James Allison. The team will have to work hard to bridge these gaps.”Designed Chief of Technology successor Mattia Binotto, probably just a transitional solution, will need”the help of all”in this context in the Ferrari team.

“We need to stick together,”demands Clear.”We need to stay together.” I don’t think Mattia is expected to immediately slip into the same role t hat James played– the two have a completely different background. But the fact is that Ferrari needs to evolve and make the best of this situation.”And he adds:”James was very, very strong, we will miss him too. But we are now taking up this challenge.”

In Marchionnes’s quest to get Ferrari back on the winning road, all possible technical restructuring variants are being considered. On Thursday, for example, there were rumours that Ross Brawn is to be on his way to Hockenheim, who is repeatedly treated as a possible Ferrari consultant. He has not been seen in Paddock so far.

Is Ferrari going back to England?

Maybe there is a connection with rumors that Ferrari is about to try to relocate part of the Formula One production to England –possibly under Brawn’s leadership. The location of England would have the advantage that most Formula One engineers could live there anyway and be persuaded to change more easily than if they had to move with their family to Italy.

The fact that Formula One Ferrari is largely developed in England would not be a novelty, by the way. Chief designer John Barnard formed a team under the roof of his company B3 Technologies from 1993 in Surrey, which developed all Ferraris leading up to 1997. The very great success, however, only occurred when the design team was relocated back to Maranello under the leadership of Rory Byrne.