Understanding skeptically: Attacking Mercedes is not easy

Mercedes and Lewis were too fast today,”says Max Verstappen after his second place at the Formula One season finals in Abu Dhabi. This has to be accepted and run the best possible race.”

The Red Bull pilot implemented this perfectly. Unlike Ferrari, Verstappen took a long first stint and completed his only boxing stop in the 26th. Around the end of the race, this threw him back to square three behind Charles Leclerc, but it was faster to stop. He locked onto the Ferrari, was able to overtake and shake it.

“With the hard tyre the Pace was reasonable,” says Verstappen about the phase from half-time racing.” I was able to overtake Charles and then I drove my own race because Mercedes was too fast.”

The Dutch did not run smoothly, however, because especially in the first race gear he sparked his engineers t hat he did not feel enough performance in low speed ranges.

“The gas pedal did not do this, What I wanted. It cost lap time, but in the end it wouldn’t have made a difference,”beckons”I don’t know exactly what was going on. But I was told by radio that we could not do anything.”

2020 wants to target the World Cup title

Hiding managed the situation and brought the second place sovereign to the goal. It was his ninth podium in the season 2019. Three times he had seen the black-and-white flag as the winner.

278 World Cup points also represent a personal record in Verstappen Formula One career. WM-place three is also its best end result.

“That’s pretty good. A few victories and poles. We have increased significantly, including on the Honda side. I am very satisfied with that,”he calls the joyful upward trend. We must take this momentum with us in winter and build a better car and engine. We have to be there from the first race and not from the middle of the season. We have to work on that.”

“I think it’s close. It also depends on the layout of the track. We have made progress, but for next year there is still much to do to catch up with Mercedes. They were the dominant and most constant team during the season. We want to try to close the gap. Of course, this will not be easy.”

“We are third in the design value, but with the drivers we are ahead of Ferrari. We can be satisfied with that. Our team has implemented great strategies and boxing stops. It’s the only way I can do things like this. It was a good season finale and now we want to try to become even more competitive so that we can get the title in sight.”

Understanding teammate Alexander Albon was in Abu Dhabi Sixtter.