Uli Hoeness believes in the case of the 50+1 rule

In the opinion of the outgoing Bavarian President Uli Hoeness, the Federal Football League faces financial limits in the long run.

“Our resources are relatively exhausted. In the field of television money I see some problems coming to us, to all of us,”said the 67-year-old in the double interview of the”Berliner Zeitung”with Union Berlin’s club boss Dirk Zingler.

The prospects in other areas are rather modest, according to the Munich club boss.”The prospects in other areas are also rather modest.” This also applies to marketing. There are no longer so many areas that we can occupy again,”said Hoeness.”There are not so many areas left to occupy.” And we haven’t grown in spectators’revenues for many years because we don’t drain the viewer.”

Hoeness explained that FC Bavaria offers 12.500 long-term maps in the catchment area for 140 euros. Clubs such as Arsenal take more money through their stadium 50,60 percent.”

Due to the different conditions in international comparison Hoeness assumes that the 50+1 rule will fall in Germany. He would welcome this, “because we are tired of this talk from others who keep claiming that we are opposed to any other club getting so much money”.

Dirk Zingler is speaking out against investors and RB Leipzig

The 50+1 rule that applies only in Germany is intended to ensure that clubs also retain decision-making power over their business divisions when they have divided them into a corporation. External investors, on the other hand, do not believe that abolishing the rule would create conditions similar to those of the associations: “If we open the doors, it is true that the big investor to the big club, the small investor The Union club leader also declared his dislike of the league competitor RB Leipzig: “I was crossed by a red line. The motivation here was not football. RB did not care if their project was in Leipzig or elsewhere.”