Two-class society threatens

Formula 1 is getting deeper and deeper into an engine crisis. The retreat threats of Renault, Red Bull and Toro Rosso scratch the already fragile image of the royal class, the possible entry of VW in the year 2018 remains a very vague option.

On the edge of the Singapore Grand Prix the debate about future engine partnerships and the price of engines continued to spike. Limited nonsense,”said Mercedes Motorsport Chief Toto Wolff to the speculations about the costs that are supposed to be paid to the customer teams from next season.

The concern is however great. A two-class society threatens to continue to suffer the attractiveness of formula 1. Because it could happen that some teams 2016 of the money compete with a one-year-old drive version.” Then we have five, six, seven cars that drive away from the front and after ten rounds 30-second lead,”predicted Toro-Rosso team leader Franz Tost.

Lotus’future still open

As if the complaint about the superiority of the Mercedes had not been loud last. Formula One CEO Bernie Ecclestone made this dominance partly responsible even now in the British newspaper Independent, That other manufacturers stay away.

In fact, after the current level in the next year nine of eleven races –the US team Haas rises again with the so-called Power Units of only two car farmers, Mercedes and Ferrari. And then there’s Honda, who continues to provide for McLaren. In addition to the exit, Renault still has the option of purchasing the indebted Lotus team. For Lotus, this would be the salvation after the London High Court once again granted postponement due to unpaid bills until after the next Grand Prix in Japan.

Four million Euro Savings

At least in one respect the formula 1 seems to have been spinning in a circle for years. Since the introduction of the turbo hybrid engines in the previous season, the discussion about the technology, its unusually low noise levels and its costs has not stopped. in order to be able to drive with the highly complex engines.

Now at least a lid should be on it for the cost debate. Twelve million euros for an up-to-date version, a one-year-old version is expected to cost eight million euros, the specialist magazine “Autosport” reported. For a team like Mercedes customer Williams, “with the budget we have”, four million euro savings would be a help.” We can then invest the money in other areas,”said founder daughter Claire Williams.

Red Bull and Toro Rosso pushing for a quick decision

The proposals of the Formula One Strategy Group must now be negotiated in the competent Commission and in the FIA Motorsport World Council. In the case of Red Bull and his B-team Toro Rosso, however, time is pressing. The premature end of the partnership with Renault at the end of the season is sealed. The other route of the races, which were powered by Dietrich Mateschitz, a millionaire, seems to be open.

Mateschitz, however, reported “positive” talks with Ferrari. Motorsport consultant Helmut Marko, however, threatened to resign. There have also been recurring rumors about VW’s entry by former team owners and TV expert Eddie Jordan. Until Red Bull starts using VW power on the Formula One routes, two years of a Ferrari engine will be used, so the theory says. Please understand that we do not want to participate in such speculations,”was the reaction of Volkswagen.

Retreat but Red Bull does not want to. If the former industry leader actually withdraws together with Toro Rosso and bankrupts Lotus, Ecclestone’s business base would be in danger. Then maybe only eight teams would still be in the starting formation.

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