Trainer lock after yellow cards not at the start of the season

The Bundesliga trainers must adjust to at least one game of lock on the possible Red Cards. However, forced breaks with a certain number of yellow cards will not be effective until the start of the season.

As DFB Interim Chief Rainer Koch announced after the Bureau meeting of the German Football Federation, the new regulation at warnings will only become effective from the General Assembly of the German Football League at 21. August in Berlin. For leagues below the Bundesliga and 2nd. Bundesliga wants the DFB at its Bundestag on 27. Separate a regulation.

Yellow and Red Cards for trainers are possible with the beginning of the season. This was decided by the International Football Association Board responsible for football rules at its March meeting.

The FIFA World Association then made a minimum ban on a game mandatory, as well as for players with a red card.” The FIFA does not make mandatory requirements on locks on yellow cards. I also think it is appropriate and useful, it has a certain disciplinary character,”said Koch.

According to a report from the”Image”newspaper, the DFL plans to block three yellow cards for a coach. This was criticized in the first reactions of trainers and club managers.