Toto Wolff does not exclude Stall directing

Mercedes Sports Director Toto Wolff has announced that he will consider a stable director in the event of a race accident between Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton, as in Barcelona. The pain limit of rivalry would be reached if they both shot each other off the track in turn one more time!”, Wolff said the “Sports Image”.

“If this happens more often, one should have the option in the back of the hand to introduce a stable direction,” continued the 44-year-old, but generally prefers to create the gap between rivalry and success: “We do not need peace, we need performance”, The Austrian said.

Nevertheless Wolff sees “that there are risks of letting go of the two at this level without any stable direction.” Mercedes nevertheless took an ordered overtaking manoeuvre last weekend in Monaco.” In Monaco, we only passed Lewis by Nico because Nico clearly had problems with his car.”That’s why Wolff praised the Germans:”I have to put my hat on Nico for allowing the team to win in this way.”

Wolff also spoke about a possible team position. If, for example, Sebastian Vettel knocked on Mercedes, he would not directly oblige him.” First we talk to our regular pilots. Only if we cannot agree with them can we continue to see,”said Wolff.