This is what Ocon wants from Alpine A521

Esteban Ocon was allowed to complete the first excursion on Wednesday with the Alpine A521. With a smile on his face,”the Frenchman ended the film day in Silverstone. He hopes that especially the strengths of the R.S.20 were taken over in winter, such as the strong top speed.

“Our performance on the straight was great. I remember the spa when we constantly set the best time in the first sector. This was also the key point in the race, when I was able to overtake the Red Bull in the last round,”Ocon recalls the Grand Prix of Belgium 2020.

In Spa-Francorchamps, the first sector consists mainly of long lines, on which he was able to exploit the power of the Renault engine in case of a little downtime. The car was simply mega on such routes. That’s one of our strengths. So I would definitely be happy if we could keep our speed straight.”

Voting philosophy adopted by the R.S.20

The Renault R.S.20 presented itself mainly competitive on high-speed courses. Will it be possible to play out this advantage this year too? “What’s the point?” That’s what I expect,”replies Alpine Chief of Technology (Chassis), Pat Fry. It depends, of course, on how we adjust the car.”

Because not only the engine power is decisive on the straight but also the level of drift.” It’s up to us how much abortion we choose. Last year, we had a proper basic principle on the straight and narrow. But also not much more than the others.”

The team will nevertheless try to follow the same voting philosophy also 2021. Since the Bolide of Ocon and Fernando Alonso is only an evolution of the previous year, the majority is based on the R.S.20. “But there are also some new parts,” the Frenchman throws in.

“It is an evolution, but nevertheless a new car and we must first learn to understand it. What we have learned 2020, we will also need 2021.”For in many”small areas”the team can improve the car.

Stability in the rear at the curve entrance is a weak point

For example, stability in the rear in some curves has not yet been”ideal”, says Ocon.”For example, stability in the rear in some curves has not yet been “ideal”. On routes with very little grip, such as Portimao or Istanbul, for example. I remember having to struggle with the car at the corner entrance, which came and went during the season.”

Due to the changes in the rules in the field of aerodynamics, Alpine had to adapt the bolts, and in exchange for two development tokens the team was allowed to screw on one side of the car. Let’s see how the car will feel.”

And”Of course, there are always small details that can be improved to get more performance,”Ocon knows. He wishes above all for a better start of the season and more podiums for his second year.” The ultimate goal will be to maximize everything.”

At the end of the season he doesn’t want to have to blame himself. If you have a car to win with, you’ll try to win every race. If the car’s good enough for P5, you’ll try every race P5. This is how you get strong results in the end.”