The beast before Wimbledon: " Djokovic is the giant favorite"

For Germany’s tennis star Alexander Zverev, the way to the Wimbledon victory only leads through the world ranking list and title defender Novak Djokovic.

“Djokovic is the giant favorite this year because he feels most comfortable on the cover”, The 24-year-old hamburger said two days before the start of the Grand Slam classic on the “holy lawn” in London: “We boys just need a little more time to get to know this subject better.”

Nevertheless Zverev, who had reached the eighth finals in Wimbledon, because of the draw chances of entering the final game. Since French-Open winner Djokovic was released to the other half of the table, the German number one could only meet the 19th major winner from Serbia in the final.

“In the lower half there will be opportunities. For me, for Daniil Medvedev, for Matteo Berrettini. Roger Federer is also downstairs, which is very interesting. Let’s see who gets through this,”said Zverev, who had recently failed at the French Open in Paris only in the semi-finals and continues to pursue his first Grand Slam title.

He sees himself well-equipped.” I have done everything to be in shape and to be able to play good tennis,”Zverev said,”I hope I can put it in place as well- that’s all I can do. It is an interesting year.”

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