Spielberg: Why was Hamilton blown out?

Yellow whistles for Lewis Hamilton in the victory ceremony: After the stable collision in Spielberg, many wondered why the British Mercedes pilot was mercilessly whistled and bullied by the spectators.

The three-time world champion had to take a lot of criticism for his tough actions against Nico Rosberg, However, the incident on the Red Bull Ring is also viewed as Hamilton’s fault in a few media cases.

They whistled because they believed Lewis was responsible for the accident,”Mercedes Supervisory Board Chairman Niki Lauda commented to”RTL”about the heated mood. The whistles were wrong and they shouldn’t be, I’ll be honest. It’s not Lewis’s fault. It’s the other guy’s fault for his brakes. People don’t know that.”An obvious miscalculation of the Austrian immediately after the race, because Rosberg has long made it clear that he always had control of the car before the contact in the second curve, despite the brake problems.

Another theory: British colleagues from the”Telegraph”claim, that the race track commuters blamed Hamilton for the collision and thus triggered the reaction to the ranks.” This is the first time I have heard this,”experienced commentator Walter Zipser, who led the fans through the weekend together with his British colleague Bob Constanduros, is not aware of any guilt in his conversation with”” We certainly did not appreciate that.”

Line composer of pipe concerto”surprised”

The whistle and humour the Austrian felt very negative:”I was surprised myself when they suddenly started whistling, His explanation: “There may have been a bunch of German fans out there and a rather small number of British fans.” Generally Zipser, who also comments for the Red Bull channel “ServusTV”, is regarded as a skilled man.

The person concerned himself was surprised at the victory award, that he was confronted with so much disfavor.” How they come to this opinion, I don’t know, and I don’t care either,”Hamilton commented on the whistle concert.”I don’t know. But I forgive them because they have the right to their opinion.”

In general he is an Austrian fan:”It is one of the most beautiful countries I have ever been to. This backdrop! I had a motorcycle here this weekend, drove through the valley and saw how natural everything is here. If you have such a feeling for a country and then get such a reaction, it is not great.”

Hamilton:”Heard only my fans”

In the victory celebration, however, he did not let this get to him, but focused only on his own fans.” I’m only interested in my own team LH fans, and I was able to pick them out in the stands. They fill me out, racing for races, with their messages, with their letters. You wait outside my hotel or at the gates. I know that I learn a lot of love from them.”

Perhaps the personal roller coaster ride of WM-Leader Rosberg on the Spielberg weekend was also a factor. The Wiesbaden, who so far successfully votes against the Nimbus of the number two pilot, started off perfectly in the Spielberg weekend, but was then relegated to sixth place due to an unfortunate cycling suspension break in the third Free Training in the starting lineup. Because the team changed Hamilton’s strategy from one to two stops, Rosberg was suddenly in the lead and defended it until the final round.

Also his reaction to Hamilton’s final attack was surprisingly harsh, after he had hitherto given mostly small bits in the duel against the British and pulled the shorter one. Rosberg could have drawn the sympathies of the audience to his side. Referring to the whistles of the spectators against Hamilton, Rosberg does not wish to comment in concrete terms.” I’ll leave you to it.”