Spielberg-Westschleife: 2017 comes too soon

The formula-1-Grand-Prix 2016 in Austria attracted far fewer spectators than the Red Bull ring operators would have liked.

According to official information, the event attracted 85.000 fans this year, two years ago there had been far more than twice as many. For the coming years, an even more attractive offer is being sought. This could include the return of formula 1 to the layout of the former Austria.

Reactivation of the so-called west loop would be necessary for such a change of route variant. There is room for such a measure, the old asphalt strip still shows the around 1,9 kilometers long detour”between the curves 1 and 2 of the current Red Bull ring. I do not know how far the project has progressed. All I know is that they talk about it,”says former Formula One pilot Gerhard Berger.

“It would be great if the line got a little longer. If the cars will actually be as fast as expected in the coming year, then we would be very close to the minute limit rounds, which would be quite short,”says Red Bull pilot Daniel Ricciardo for an extension of the route. The space is available. I heard it was in the conversation. This would be really interesting for us.”

Marko: Grand Prix 2017 on the site is unthinkable

It takes much more than a year to realize what Red Bull wants and is about to launch. A Grand Prix 2017 on the then 6,2 kilometer-long system is inconceivable, says Red Bull motor sports boss Helmut Marko.” After planning, you have to tender and build. Here in winter, you know, they can be very hard. This is not possible from time to time,”said the Austrian. Until now, the planning phase has not even been completed.

The new route guidance should not only be used for formula 1. One also makes love with a run to the long-distance world championship. This step seems logical, as Red Bull has close links with the producers of Audi and Porsche involved. In addition, the scene includes Mark Webber, Sebastien Buemi, Neel Jani and Brendon Hartley, all pilots from the Red Bull Junior School of Helmut Marko.

Before the dredgers can roll in Spielberg, it is necessary to work on other construction sites.” We are not satisfied with the number of spectators,”Marko is quoted. This is linked on the one hand to the negative image of formula 1, on the other hand also to the cost structure.” If someone comes with two children, four people, five people, then under normal conditions it is quite expensive,”said the former Le-Mans winner. That’s why you bet 2017 on more family-friendly entry prices.” That was the lesson of this year,”he added.