Smart raffle and Co.: The new makers in the Bundesliga

For failures, sports bosses have to clear their posts more and more frequently instead of coaches. The clubs distribute the increasing demands in the millions business in the meantime to several makers in the background.

Jan Schlaudraff is already in the head seat. But the big corner office in Hanover 96, where Horst Heldt drew the strings for two years, will soon have t o clean up the 35-year-old.

“The search for a total responsible for the field of sport is underway”, Smart words after his entry into office at the last table: “As soon as he is found, I return to the post of Sports Director or Sports Director –the exact terms are irrelevant there for the first time.”

Hanover follows new trends in the Bundesliga: In the absence of success, in addition to the trainers, more and more often also fired the managers responsible. In addition, the clubs distribute the increasing demands in the millions-store football to more and more players in the background. In addition to the Sports Board, well-sounding new posts such as that of the cadre planner are created.

VfB Stuttgart lands Coup

Thomas Hitzlsperger, successor of Michael Reschke as sports director at VfB Stuttgart, also wishes “strong partners at my side. People who know a lot about football and critically deal with me, with us,”the 37-year-old had last said:”It is important to have competence. I need people who are willing to work in a team and share their knowledge. The task is so complete that I cannot do all this on my own.”

With Sven Credentat’s commitment as sports director, Hitzlsperger also succeeded in a real coup. After all, Credentat is considered to be “Diamond Eye” in the scene, who discovered players such as Robert Lewandowski, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang or Ousmane Dembele before his time at FC Arsenal.

Manager and cadre planner are now considered to be the new stars, emerging machinists such as Markus Krueger (SC) Paderborn) or Jonas Boldt (Bayer Leverkusen) are traded in almost every club that has a new job to award. Also the name Christoph Metzelder falls over and over again –at RB Leipzig he could supposedly take over the business divisions of the Jochen Schneider who emigrated to Schalke 04.

Time of Uli Hoeness and Co. expires

In the struggle for the championship, the Europacup or the class content goes It is for the clubs to avoid any, and possibly ultimately sinful, costly errors in the composition of the cadres or in the assessment of players.” We need more football competence to get more security in the decisions,”said 96-club boss Martin Kind on Sunday at”Wontorra the football talk”on”Sky Sport News HD”.

The time of the great alpha animals like Uli Hoeness at Bavaria Munich or Rudi Assauer on Schalke seems to be over anyway. Even Sports Director Rudi Volker has renowned support at Bayer Leverkusen in person of Simon Rolfes and Stefan Kiesslling.

Robert Palikuca announced on Monday at his inauguration as Sports Director of the 1st. FC Nuremberg states that in the sports management “at least two more people” should –probably a cadre planner and a chief scout.