Slapstick Owner: Target is debt question “shitless”

Ron-Robert Zieler certainly won the spot in the back of the season by one of the most curious owners of the Bundesliga history and not only Bremen trainer Florian Kohfeldt as an interested spectator.

“There may have happened Bundesliga history, and I did not look at idiot”, the Werder coach complained about the scene of the game in the 68. Minute.

Unlike many of his teammates, despite the 2:1 (1:0) and the first season victory of the VfB Stuttgart, the target could only smile tirelessly about the situation. On Pay TV, Sky, he answered the debt question, “I don’t give a shit. We will settle this internally.”

Just as Jean-Marie Pfaff is still connected to the opponent of the objection in his first game for Bavaria Munich by Werder Bremens Uwe Reinders of the 1982-year, so the scene will remain inseparably connected with targets.

The sole responsibility for the interim However, the former National Guard did not have a match in a wild game. Stuttgart’s left-handed defender Borna Sosa threw an objection towards his own goal, although Target was busy with his stutter and was inattentive. Alarmed by the calls, the target appeared to have reacted in time, but the ball jumped over his foot and culled into the goal. Bitter: If Gomez had done nothing and avoided contact – Bremen would have received only a corner ball according to the rules.

Owner for Gomez a good omen

So the hit counted and, according to Mario Gomez, even helped the VfB back into the track for the first season victory against the still undefeated until Saturday Becoming. Funnily enough, when the ball went to the goal for Bremen, I knew we’d win. I was sure we wouldn’t lose that way,”the stormer told me of his first thoughts amidst the unbelieving gaze on the square and the ranks.

Until then the VfB had had itself despite the leadership of Anastasios Donis (19). Minute) and the excess after the yellow-red card for Milos Veljkovic (36.) hard done against the more offensive guests.” After the map, we didn’t do well. Bremen was better than it should be”, After his comeback, the strong Daniel Didavi also saw the counter-gate as a turning point: “After that, we made it better again.” Gonzalo Castro, who replaced injured Dennis Aogo, took care of Stuttgart’s winning goal seven minutes after the compensation.

Also the public debates about the job of VfB trainer Tayfun Korkut is expected to shut up before the game at Hannover 96 on Saturday. Korkut therefore had no interest in talking in detail about the curious scene that had caused the fans panic and anxiety again.” This is not about mistakes. Today it is important that we have won this game. No matter how,”he said.