Skinless and sleeveless? HBL boss wants new dress code

From the point of view of league leader Frank Bohmann, the Handball Bundesliga should change its dress code.

“In order to win a more female and younger clientele, handballers should also be immediately recognizable by their outfits, such as a basketball, rugby or ice hockey player”, the HBL CEO wrote in a guest contribution for a special edition of the “Sport Image”. The 55-year-old has had concrete ideas for a long time.

“Ever since I started 2003 in the HBL, my proposal to prescribe skin-tight and sleeveless tank tops as jerseys and to play three x 20 minutes has caused a lot of excitement,” Bohmann wrote. “He wrote. 17-years later, I still believe that it would be very helpful for handball to sharpen its profile in this way and thereby gain new target groups.”

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