Significantly higher budget: Ferrari blows to attack

If you want to have an advantage 2021, you will have the last chance to invest again this year. As of next year, the new budget limit of 175 million US dollars will be in formula 1, but the new car for the brand new regulation from 2021 can be developed again with an unlimited budget.

For this reason, the top teams are expecting a really expensive year, and Ferrari has now confirmed, “The new technical regulation from 2021 entails the development of a substantially different car, and this naturally requires additional resources and expenditure this year”, Ferrari President Louis Camilleri announces.

How much the budget of Ferrari will grow, he does not tell at the conference this week, but it is to be assumed that the Italians want to take every opportunity to gain an advantage. After all, since 2008, Scuderia has been looking forward to a title in formula 1.

2020 giving away is not an issue?

Although one finds oneself in the last year of the current cycle, Ferrari wants to throw it all back in the balance bowl again. Our goal remains to win, as always,”Camilleri emphasises. We will continue to invest in our infrastructure, our resources and technological creativity as we continue to develop the car for 2020.”

Donating the 2020-year-old to fully focus on the coming year is not a topic for Ferrari:”We never give up”, says Camilleri.”We never give up.” Therefore, I do not think that we will take our foot off the gas for 2020 or beyond.”

The additional funds spent could be saved with the budget limit later anyway.