Shortcut: Barcelona-GP before the end?

The next European race of Formula 1 could be threatened with an imminent end: the Barcelona Municipal Government has drastically reduced the subsidies for the Spanish Grand Prix.

The organisers of the race on the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya can only 2016 with grants equal to two million euro calculate. So far, they had double the amount. In the medium term, probably already for the year 2017, public support is even to be reduced to zero.

The fact that this radical step has not already been considered for the coming season, according to Barcelona’s Deputy Mayor Gerardo Pisarello, is only because that a sudden withdrawal would have had dramatic consequences.” The cuts are part of the radical austerity programme of the left-wing government in the capital of Catalonia.

A private investor is now sought for the continuation of the event that has been firmly part of the race calendar since 1991. However, as Fernando Alonso, who has hitherto been a train driver, is heading for the autumn of his career, the success of this search is in the stars.

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