Shoemaker after premiere: mainly one gets excited

Top 10 misses, however, an exciting experience richer: After his virtual GP premiere, David Schumacher spoke at”about the race, further participation and his own performance.

David Schumacher, are you satisfied with 11. Place?

David Schumacher: Well. Unfortunately, at the start I was unlucky to have the Enzo Fittipaldi standing in front of me and I just dove right into him. That’s the thing about virtual racing, but luckily it didn’t really happen. Then I had a few more fights with Christian Lundgaard, who also pushed me off the track–that was a bit of a pity, but because it was such a mess, it was still quite good to become an elf in the end.

Did you enjoy the race?

If I get another invitation, I’d be back in it. It’s been fun, and maybe I can get a little better so I can drive ahead. Then perhaps no start-up accident will happen if you start further ahead.”

Were you satisfied with your qualifying period?

I was four tenths faster on the test runs I did, I would have been able to get something out of it.

How big is the difference between real and virtual racing if you suddenly crash into a car?

Adrenalin you already have. But mostly you get excited in the game when you’re in front of one. In the real race one first thinks: Hopefully nothing is broken about me or the car.

What is the status of things in the real world, when does the formula 3 start? What about your patience?

Let’s put it this way: On my hand you can see that I am restless (hand shakes). I have to get back to the race car. I miss it very much and I’m starting to get really stressed at home, I have to do something, I’m extremely bored.

Is it possible to start the Formula-3 season in Austria as well?

What I’ve heard is that we also have the first race in Austria. Which is cool, of course, because I can drive straight to the car, it’s not that far away. I wouldn’t have to fly, you really don’t need that right now. It is more comfortable to drive there.