SGE Captain Abraham: Eintracht last station in Europe

Eintracht Frankfurt’s captain David Abraham excludes a change within the Bundesliga or into another European league.

“The Eintracht will be my last club in Europe,” said the 32-year-old Argentinean in an interview with the Internet portals “SPOX” and “DAZN”.

Whether the currently injured defensive player ending his career in Frankfurt, he wants to make his health dependent.” I definitely want to fulfill my contract here, which runs up to 2021,”Abraham said.”I’m not going anywhere. Perhaps then I will play in Argentina for a few more years, but certainly not in Europe anymore.”

Abraham wants to achieve a lot more with the unification this season.” In the championship we want to have the chance to qualify for the Europa League or the Champions League until the last moment. That is the goal,”he said.

And even on the international stage, after the historic group phase with six victories from six games, the Hessians still have a lot ahead of them:”Of course we want to get as far as possible in the Europa League, that is clear.”