Sebastian Vettel wants to stay a Ferrari fan

For four more races Sebastian Vettel will sit in the Ferrari, then the ultimately unsuccessful collaboration ends – his image of the Scuderia will not change as a result.

I was already a child Ferrari fan, I am it today, and I will continue to be it in the future”, Vettel said in an interview with the Italian “Corriere dello Sport”: “Even if we are then rivals.”

This would only be ensured by the memories of the time before his career.” Michael Schumacher remains the greatest inspiration of my life, and I have always seen him in red,”says Vettel.

Also from my own time at Scuderia remains positive,”like the first year 2015. At my debut I stood on the podium, the second race I won. “Heights and depths are part of the balance,” said Vettel.

Formula 1: Sebastian Vettel wants to be “not like Kimi King-in-law”

He also met “great people and true friends”. In particular, he hung on a Vespa with the inscription “Vettel 5”, which he had received 2015 from the mechanics as a welcome gift.

After the fixed end at Ferrari, the career ending had been a serious option, “but I think I can still give the formula 1 something”, He said, “And that’s why I accepted Aston Martin’s offer.”

Vettel will spend many years, today 33, but no longer in the royal class: “I don’t see myself as 40-year-old pilots like Kimi Riding Kings.”