Schumacher: Lawyer speaks Power Word

From the point of view of Michael Schumacher’s Media Attorney, the public has no right to information about the state of the Formula One record champion who failed two years ago.

The accident itself was, of course, a time-historical event, it could be reported”, Felix Damm emphasized in a conversation with the German Press Agency. But as soon as the recovery phase begins and the public is also excluded from the scene –it took place in the hospital or now in its own four walls –there is no longer any claim,”said Damm.

Understanding for the interest in shoemakers nevertheless.”There is no more claim,”said Damm. I can understand that there are people who are interested, who have a serious interest in knowing how he is doing,”he said in a documentation of Bavarian radio about Schumacher. On the other hand, however, it must also be understood and seen that, since he is now no longer racing, he has a right to live in his privacy.”

Damm also stressed in the dpa conversation that”unfortunately there is no possibility”. “to draw a line through an explanation given however”.

Schumacher had fallen on the 29th of December 2013 in the ski area above Merivel in France. Despite his helmet, he suffered severe head trauma. Since the accident, there are no details of his condition. He has been at home for further rehabilitation in his Swiss electoral home since September 2014.

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