Schalkes Ex-Sports Board Heidel defends against criticism

Christian Heidel has defended himself against criticism of his former work as Sports Director at FC Schalke. The negative assessment of Supervisory Board Chairman Clemens Tonnies was “completely over the facts”, Heidel said in the “ARD” sports show.

Last summer, everyone was still responsible for the second place of the switches. Only eight months later, it was “one man’s fault”, that it went downhill in sport.

Tonnies had made Heidel the main responsible for the bad season. The vice-champion of 2018 had the last season only as table-14. completed. In the midst of the crisis, Heidel had 23rd. February announced its termination at the end of the season. But already on the 14th. In March he had been replaced by Jochen Schneider.

Heidel also expressed a critical view of the high handouts of the players’councillors. We’re talking about millions for the gamers. I wonder’Why?’ These sums have reached dimensions that are no longer justifiable,”Heidel said to the business practices of transfers from football professionals, from which the advisers also benefit.