Russell without charge of racketeering

George Russell was unflinchingly eliminated from the race at the Eifel GP Formula 1 at the Nuremberg ring by Kimi Rueckkunen. The Finnish lost control at the helm of his Alfa Romeo and entered the Williams of Russell, who had previously wrestled with Sebastian Vettel. The Williams was ejected into the air and damaged so badly that Russell had to give up the race. He does not make a reproach, however.

Of course it is frustrating,”says the 22-year-old British. I beat Sebastian to a bully before, but he came out of the curve well. That’s why he had DRS. Kimi behind us and I was on the outside line. I left a lot of space, but Kimi’s tires blocked, which is why he lost control of his rear.”

Afterwards the Finn shot into Russell’s rear, which is why Williams flew through the air. The British were lucky that the car did not overlap, but had to give up the race prematurely. This is particularly unfortunate because Russell had been in a good race until then and was allowed to dream of collecting his first points in formula 1.

Russell was not angry

“That’s how it is in racing,” says Russell. “This is how it is in racing.” We all go to the limit and sometimes it’s not easy. It’s frustrating: the car felt good and the way the race was going, we might have scored points. At the moment, unfortunately, everything is against us.”

Nevertheless, Russell is not angry at the royals who have ruined this opportunity for him:”It was a small mistake. In these Formula One cars, it’s easy to burn yourself short, especially when you’re chasing someone. That’s probably the reason why he committed a crime, got high and hit me. I’m not mad. It is a pity because we had a chance to score points, but the fight before with Sebastian was really great.”

For Williams it is currently a rarity to land in formula 1 in the top ten and thus in the points races. It is therefore all the more difficult to digest such an accident in a promising starting position. But Russell is realistic: “It would be nice to collect one to three points, but the car is just not fast enough, which is why we have to keep working hard on the performance.”

Williams needs more luck

However, it also needs luck to beat the competition in the end.” So far, the races are always pro Haas and Alfa, which are actually no faster than we are,”says Russell.”We’re not the only ones who can do it.” I don’t think they’re doing much better than we are. They were luckier and took their chances. That is not the case with us. We had some good races where we landed quite far ahead, but then not five cars fell out of the middle field.”

Precisely the scenario needed for Williams to score points, the 22-year-old makes clear. Without the help of Red Bull, McLaren, Renault, Alpha Tauri and Co, it is difficult for the team to get to the points. If in the 2020 season many vehicles have fallen out, Alfa Romeo (five points) and Haas (three points) have taken their chances.