Row one just missed! Red Bull boss hoping for rain

What a difference a year can make: At the Monaco Grand Prix 2018, Max Verstappen experienced the current low point of his Formula One career, when a series of hairy errors found their climax in the principality. At that time he was unable to compete in qualifying.

A year later he experienced a previously unpleasant weekend and put his Red Bull behind the superior Mercedes in starting place three. This is personal best for the Red Bull team in Formula One season 2019 and thus also the first top-3 start for Honda since the Great Prize of China 2006.

significantly better than 2018, but in the Red Bull Camp one is still not entirely satisfied. Because with starting place three, Verstappen has achieved the best qualifying result of the season, but it would have been more in. This showed last but not least the best value in Q2.

Ricciardo corrupts Verstappen Outlap

Why it was not enough anyway? This is due to the tires, or sub-optimal outlaps. On my first try in Q3 the tires were too cold and I lost some time in the first turn. Nevertheless, it was quite a round,”says Verstappen after the qualifying.

He wanted to make this better in the second attempt, but now things got even worse, as team leader Christian Horner explains:”The warm-up round was a bit chaotic. Daniel [Ricciardo] was in front of him and did it quickly, then slowly and then again quickly.”The Renault pilot let Lewis Hamilton pass and then suddenly had Max Verstappen behind him.

Although the former teammate of Verstappen did not stop him, but slowed him down a bit, the 45-year-old underlines. This was anything but ideal, because Verstappen wanted to attack completely on the outslap in order to go into the flying round with warmer tires.

Hope for rain

Would it have sufficed with optimal tire temperature for Mercedes? Here the opinions diverge. We have been secretly expecting the first row,”says Helmut Marko in the”ORF.” The Bottas time was in the realm of possibility. We lost three tenths in the first sector. In the end, we missed that.”

Horner sees it differently:”I think that would have been really difficult. I guess we’d have missed one or two tens of customers. Mercedes seems really powerful right now.”

And the race? Horner sees opportunities: “Tomorrow there could be rain, and the two in the first row are fighting against each other for the World Championship.” The weather will be “taken as it comes”.

Here Marko is again of a different opinion: “I assume Mercedes will drive at a very comfortable pace tomorrow and then give gas, when it comes to pit stops. By having two cars, they can block everything well. If nothing extraordinary happens, they get the first two places again.”