Rosberg: Suddenly started to cheer

The last stops of his World Championship Tournaments are canceled, Nico Rosberg finally starts on Monday in his Formula One pension – as he correctly outlined his triumph just before Christmas.

Shortly before Christmas ends the World Championship Tournament of Nico Rosberg, and it is probably high time for the 31-year-old to have his triumph three weeks after the season finale of Formula One. There are still moments when it did not arrive properly,”Rosberg told the”SID”at the weekend:”The day before yesterday I was in bed and could not sleep, then I went through the whole thing again in my mind. And suddenly I started to cheer.”

Rosberg seems detached and happy. But he did not have time to deal with the triumph, his sudden resignation to Mercedes. After the crowning in Abu Dhabi, Rosberg went to Kuala Lumpur, Wiesbaden, Vienna, Brackley, Stuttgart, Cologne and Berlin.

“Lay on the couch and do nothing”

On Saturday now the honor of ADAC Motorsport of the Year in Munich, On Sunday at the end of the “Sportsmen of the Year” gala in Baden-Baden –the first project as a Formula One pensioner sounds very enticing now: “I will hit the couch and just do nothing,” said Rosberg laughing.

The ADAC’s tribute on Saturday was once again an emotional climax, “I almost had tears again, for the 16th time in the last three weeks,” he said. Rosberg’s promoters from more than two decades of motor sports were in the audience. Gerhard Berger, who once made it possible for the first Formula One test runs as BMW sports director, held the Laudatio. You had in Michael Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton the two statistically best Formula One drivers in the team,”said the Austrian looking at Rosberg’s colleagues at Mercedes since 2010:”And you beat them both. This shows what a caliber you are.”

“Then I must see that I write my book beforehand”

It was precisely the deposed world champion Hamilton who demanded everything from Rosberg in the last three years, not just sportingly. The Englishman, like hardly anyone else, relies on psychological “warfare”, Rosberg even said before the final the aptitude as a world champion. In ten years, Hamilton last said often, he will write and betray a biography, what happened behind the scenes this year –what really cost him the title.

Rosberg smiles in the face of these statements.” Then I have to see that I write my book in advance,”he says,”Indeed, there is much that has not been made public. Sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it’s hard. And one day it might be interesting to share that.”

“Getting Nervenkitzel Elsewhere”

Who can compete with Hamilton from next season is still unclear, only Mercedes-Junior Pascal Wehrlein and Williams-Pilot Valtteri Bottas seem to be still in the race.” I follow this with interest,”says Rosberg:”Wehrlein is our German hope for the future. Perhaps there is a slightly higher risk, a little more uncertainty about the exact abilities. Bottas is more of a confessed racing driver.”

Rosberg’s theme is no longer”I need a new challenge”, says the world champion:”I need adrenaline and thrills, I need to get that somewhere else now.”That’s all Rosberg wants to say. And at first the couch is waiting anyway.