Root defends Mercedes stable lords: You must do

Lewis Hamilton is on the Formula One season 2018 course. Nothing and no one should stop the British on their way to the title, let alone his teammate Valtteri Bottas.

To maximize the chances of the championship, Mercedes has issued a stable lord. Bottas had only two tasks in Japan: to get to second place and keep the competition away from Hamilton, to the trouble of many fans. Alexander Wurz defends the decision of Mercedes and team leader Toto Wolff.

I am very clearly positioned there,”says the former Formula One pilot to the”ORF”.”I’m very well positioned there.” As team leader, you have to do this. If you’re a leader for a sports team, you have to do the only thing that makes the sports team successful. In sports such as motor sports and cycling, such decisions on the part of the teams would be a perfectly normal way of ensuring success.

However, root understands the fans, who wish to speak out against a stable lord in the royal class and experience pure racing.” It is also quite clear that the fans are complaining at home because we would like Valtteri to win here,”he says.

“I understand that to a hundred percent. I am with every fan who complains about the Stallords.”Eventually, at the end of the season, no one would ask how the victories actually came about. For the teams, the only thing that counts is the title.

“Losing the World Championship is dramatic because of other problems, which I experienced at McLaren myself,” summarises Wurz. “It’s tragic to lose the World Championship because of other problems.” The designers do not intentionally slow down so that we fans can experience a great motor sports season.”

In sports only success counts and the teams would do anything to win. As long as the races followed the rules, the end would always sanctify the means, says Root, who himself in his career has often become the victim of a team killer.” This was the case with Toyota at the time,”recalls the Austrian.