Robbery at FC Bavaria: The end of an era

The successful era of “Robbery” in Bavaria Munich ends next summer. The successors of Arjen Robben and Franck Ribbey are already ready.

There is still no end to Franck Ribbey and Arjen Robben –but it is already established: “The duo’Robbery’will have its own glorious chapter in our successful history”, as Bavaria Munich’s Chief Executive Officer Karl-Heinz Rummenigge stressed.

With Pathos He added: “They have completed over 700 games, shooting 261 goals and giving 289 templates. They are legends of FC Bavaria.”

Legends on the jump. Although it is hard to imagine for many fans of the German Football Record Champion: In the summer 2019, the successful era of the two old stars with so far 16 (!) The 34-year-old seal, after “ten wonderful years”, already confirmed his departure. Ribbery (35), who has been playing in Munich since 2007, does not want to fully realize his end at his heart club. It is not up to him alone how it would go on, “you never know what happens in life”.

A future as a Bavarian professional seems to be excluded.” Ribs and seals are most likely making their way to FC Bavaria last year,”said President Uli Hoeness on Sunday.

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How to proceed with the two Oldies, whose biggest common triumph 2013 had been the historic triple including Champions League victory, is open.

“If it will be over with Bavaria, it does not mean that my career is over”, The Dutchman Robben had recently explained. The French Ribbery also indicated a continuation of his career once.

At FC Bavaria the successors in Serge Gnabry (23) and Kingsley Coman (22) are ready. In the two national players, Munich sets great hopes. Ohnehin, after the season in the Bavarians, the big change is made.

Hoeness has repeatedly announced a transfer offensive in the last few days. No question,”Rummenigge also said,”the face of the team will change.” For the urgently needed facelifting, seals that 2009 came for 25 million from Real Madrid and ribberies (30 million/Olympique Marseille) are now too old.

Rummenigge: Robbery criticism was “shabby”

But the Bavarians can and want to continue on their two routines, whose contracts had been renewed for one year in the spring, do not give up. It was only at the Annual General Assembly on Friday that Rummenigge had vigorously defended the duo that had arrived in the years against the latest criticism.

What had been written about Ribbery and seals in the last few weeks, “was unheard of, sometimes even shameful. They should not be measured by age, but by their quality”.

Of the former world class there was not much to see at Ribbery recently. Seals also need some rest more than before. A week ago, however, both of them had once again emphasized their value for the Bavarians.

At 5:1 against Benfica Lisbon in the Champions League, a blindly placed seal scored two goals, Ribbey hit once. According to Rummenigge, “I was particularly pleased”.

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