Rittner for social networks with " major concerns"

Tennis Bundestrainer Barbara Rittner is “seriously worried” about the exhaustive use of the social networks of her young players.

“The girls are exposed to extreme external influences –they are shot almost all day,” Rittner at said: “It is a huge flood of excitement. They are constantly on the phone, e.g. posting an image and then waiting for what there are for reactions or comments.”

Rittner sees this”feeling constantly evaluated”extremely critical. In addition, it distracts the young German tennis federation from the essential.

“We have experienced that they feel very comfortable once we have collected the phones at the beginning of a course,” Rittner said, “You have noticed how relaxing it can be, “Don’t stare at your phone all the time.”

distraction is the former Wimbledon winner of the juniors also among the professionals. This is how Rittner (47) explains the balance on the women’s tour.” This is also crucially related to the fact that today’s players take care of so many things outside the court. They care about fashion, they are in part already advertising icons- there is an enormous amount of splash on them. The result is that the constant remains on the track.”

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