Ricciardo on contract poker: Pretty chaotic

Currently everything is quite chaotic,”says Daniel Ricciardo. In fact: Motorsport events around the world are cancelled or postponed indefinitely, almost in the hour, partly entire racing teams are quarantined and the plants are closed. The reaction of Formula 1: The new regulation will only come into season 2022.

For Renault drivers it is still “difficult to say what impact the postponement will have on the driver market.” But I guess one will make one’s decision regardless of these changes.”

At’The Age’the Australian continued:”I hardly think anyone signs a one-year contract just to be back on the market 2022. A one-year contract would be “anything but ideal” for a racing driver anyway.

How long should one commit to a contract now?

Ricciardo himself is in the situation, that he has to decide: after 2020, does he want to stay with Renault or change to another racing stable? Because his current two-year contract expires after this year’s season.

In the short term, however, no one is thinking now, Ricciardo says. I believe that everything that is signed from now on will extend to 2022 or beyond.”

This makes the starting position for most Formula One drivers”already interesting”, as he says. It should be borne in mind that most drivers except Max [understand] and Charles [Leclerc] have no contract beyond 2021.”

Those who have already secured their cockpit

In fact, not only did Leclerc sign up for the time after 2020, but also other drivers. McLaren, Renault and Williams have in any case already occupied a cockpit for 2021.

Ricciardo does not want to see this as pressure, but wants to take the time to “digest” the many changes, said the multiple Grand Prix winner. “This is not the time to do so.” Only then can I think about how I stand.”

“Currently,”Ricciardo continues,”too much is in the air. Everything seems to be possible.”In any case, the regulation shift to 2022 had come”surprisingly”for him.