Revealed: Video-Schiri took a wrong turn 19 times

The contested video evidence is said to have corrected errors in the last season of the Bundesliga 82.

This is reported by the “Bild” newspaper, which according to its own information already has the evaluation figures of the German Football Federation.

The DFB wants to publish the figures next week. The documents also show, however, that the video arbitrators in Cologne 19’s should have intervened incorrectly, with an increase by a saturated 73 percentage compared to the eleven cases in the previous season. According to “picture” there had been a wrong final decision in “two false interventions”.

Means: The video referee reported wrongly and even after consulting the referee on the spot the decision remained wrong.

This is assumed in ten cases, that the video referee should have intervened, but did not.

Overall 1738 scenes in 306 games should have been tested. The inspection took 61-second intervals. 111 Once the video referee intervened.

The non-partisans in the square used the video stream more often than season 2017/2018 (57 percent) and controlled the scenes on the monitor itself in 66 percent.