Renault in the elevator: Ferrari engine caught up

The Renault engine forge in Viry-Chatillon expects good chances this year to fight Red Bull for the title. The question mark: Is the drive unit of the French good enough? Chief engineer Bob Bell is convinced that you are competitive: we are certainly behind Mercedes, but already at eye level with Ferrari or at least in their area.”

That the success of Red Bull in the previous year is due exclusively to the strong chassis, The British do not want to stand in front of “Autosport”: “The engine has been enormously developed.” On the drive side, however, Bell Mercedes sees only 2018 in range: “We need some more time. We may not make it this winter, but at the end of the year and the beginning of 2018 we want to be there.”

If Renault continues to develop in this way, it is by no means impossible. As a reminder: 2014, because of enormous reliability problems, one was initially completely out of character, but also 2015, one did not see any country while Ferrari was making great progress. Only in the previous year the breakthrough.

“That was really impressive, because the line was to make this engine absolutely reliable at least once,” Bell praises the engine department. “It was really impressive because the line was to make this engine absolutely reliable at least once.” And they’ve done it at a hundred percent. We had probably the most reliable engine in the whole field last year. But that didn’t stop her from improving her performance as well.”