Renault argues: For the first time in Barcelona without points

Renault proceeds in formula 1 on the spot. At the Grand Prix of Spain 2020, there was even a step backwards in times that should have been long forgotten: the squares eleven (Ricciardo) and 13 (Ocon) meant the first zero round of the year. And that even though both drivers came through the race without any problems.

What’s going on? At least team leader Cyril Abiteboul doesn’t talk about the hot stuff: it wasn’t the performance of the team, because I think we got everything out of the car. To put it simply, the car is simply not good enough on a route like this.”

That is an alarming observation, Barcelona is actually considered a”prototypical”formula-1 route. The old phrase “A car that is fast in Barcelona is fast everywhere” also applies of course the other way around. “A car that is fast in Barcelona is fast everywhere.” Barcelona says a lot about the aerodynamic efficiency of a car. So it shows us where we need to improve,”says the 42-year-old.

Of course the Renault team has already made life difficult in qualifying. The starting points 13 and 15 are not very promising on such a route. This is one of those races where you can see the top ten right in front of you, but deep inside you know that it takes a mistake [of the front man] to overtake,”said Ricciardo, who for the third time in a row has been without points.

Too late boxing stop?

“Even if you are several tenths faster per lap, It’s so hard to overtake here. As soon as you get close to [another vehicle], you tighten the tires. Of course I attacked to the end and remained optimistic that something could happen. But inside I already knew that I would stay where I am if the others do not make mistakes.”

Both Ricciardo and Ocon drove through with just one pit stop and only stopped once after half of the race. Unlike Sebastian Vettel, however, the strategy did not work.” We were on to him, but he got in a few laps earlier,”said the former teammate of the Noch-Ferrari driver.

Vettel stopped already in Round 29, Ocon and Ricciardo came only after Rounds 34 and 35. As a result, Vettel benefited from the undercut effect, However, the soft tyres could also put the soft tyres in good condition at the end up to seven.

Ricciardo, on the other hand, did not even get to the points. He’s looking for reasons: “When I went out on new softs, we immediately had blue flags. I think I lost a lot of time early in my stint. It was difficult to recover. Maybe we lost it there.”

Ocon: Tough battle with king of the line for nothing

For Esteban Ocon it went even worse. Started from square 15, even falling back on P16 at the start, the mortgage was no longer recoverable. He is surprisingly clear: “I am not satisfied. The whole weekend we fought as a team with the performance of the car. This is especially true for me.”

He believes he has taken the maximum out of his possibilities:”I don’t think we could have done more from my side. We still have to find out where the difference between the vehicles was. “

From the beginning of the weekend the Pace had simply not been there, says Ocon, who is struggling with teammate Ricciardo.” We had a better Pace in the race than in qualifying, but that’s not enough to fight back. I even had some overtaking manoeuvres in it, but unfortunately they were out of the point. This is no fun.”

One of them he showed against Kimi Ruke kings, who however sharply resisted. He didn’t want to just leave me the place, which I understand,”said the 23-year-old. But to fight these positions so hard, it’s a little crazy. It wasn’t the maneuver itself that was crazy. But these fights are better when you’re in the points. We didn’t do that today.”

Ocon had to get in the dirt with two tires, but eventually came along.” The first time, I thought I had him. But he resisted on the outside. In the second run I succeeded.”