Renato Sanches demands more playing time from Coach Kovac

After last good performance Renato Sanches, a former child of the German football league FC Bayern Munich, booked several bets for the record champion. Now the youngster is asking for more playing time.

“Of course, I would like to play more. In our team we have many national players who have to rotate. But I would like to have more minutes,”Sanches told the”picture”newspaper, stressing that the relationship with his coach Kovac was”very good.”After two years of maturity, including a disappointing loan to Swansea, the Portuguese, under new coach Niko Kovac, seems to have finally arrived in Munich. In the Champions League game against his former club Benfica in the middle of September the knot at Sanches has finally burst.

Renato Sanches: FC Bavaria was the best club in Germany

Since then the Portuguese has been in the square in four games, once even over the full 90 minutes. However, Sanches has not yet been able to book a gate or template.

But the increase in Sanches’performance could not help FC Bavaria out of the crisis either. After four unsuccessful games in a row, the pressure on the record champion increases.

“We must always do our best and represent the best club in Germany. That’s why it’s normal to have discussions if we lose some games. This is part of the business and not a problem at all,”the national player said calmly. It is clear that the Munich people “always feel pressure”.