Red Bull praises new Renault Treaty

Red-Bull team leader Christian Horner welcomes the renewal of his team’s contract with Renault. The agreement announced at the edge of the Monaco Grand Prix is a logical and profitable decision for both sides: after very clear talks we agreed to extend the contract by two years,”says Horner.

In cooperation with the French, which was not und er a good star in the years of crisis 2014 and 2015, he recognizes the chance to return permanently to the top of the field.” With the new structures at Renault, the changes made and the investments made, there was little reason to question anything,”Horner conjures up new harmony.

More advantages for Red Bull: The Austrians can sell the name of their V6 hybrid, as happened to the clock brand TAG Heuer before the beginning of the season, but then for reasons of image and forced by Renault. But this saves money, because as a customer the team will of course continue to be asked to cash in. Whether or not Renault was bargained down, Horner does not want to betray.

decision for lack of alternatives?

“We pay a decent price and have the opportunity to call the drive what we want,” he says. “We pay a decent price and have the opportunity to call it what we want.” The fact that Toro Rosso gets the same drive ensures synergy effects.”Specifically, it means that the junior team can partially use identical components and provide additional data to the race weekends. In addition, the talents can be trained with the drive that they also have to move in the event of a Red Bull ascent.

However, Red Bull had few alternatives: the time was too short to build its own engine and the risk was too high, and there was a lack of interest in any partner among the car companies. Mercedes and Ferrari do not want to equip the former world champions for fear of a possible competitor, the Honda drive train is not competitive.