Red Bull in the rain of Hungary faster than Mercedes

Lots of idle running, little action on the track: The 2nd Free Training for the Grand Prix of Hungary was characterized by the use of Niesel Rain in Puszta. Pierre Gasly (1:17854) rode in the Red Bull in front of teammate Max Verstappen (+0055).

The second session on Friday began with a fierce departure from Toro-Rosso Pilot Alexander Albon. The 23-year-old lost control of his vehicle in the short-circuit combination before the start-goal, and sided with full force against the line limitation. Luckily Albon got out of the car unharmed. The 2nd training was then interrupted by the Red Flag.

First the Red Flag, then the rain

When the cars were allowed to return to the Hungarian ring, first the silver arrows showed that they can be counted again in Hungary. Bottas and Hamilton quickly took the lead in their rounds. In the first training, Bottas had to watch with an engine finish, but all the time.

The pilots had all started with dry tyres und er difficult conditions, Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel had uncovered the hard tyre mix, Max Verstappen and Valtteri Bottas started on the medium tire and Pierre Gasly on the soft mixture. For the first time this weekend, Vettel showed an insecurity with a crimer in curve 7, he had to cut back on the inside. Before the rainy break, Gasly and Hidden were already running. Then the sky opened its doors and the waiting began…

“This is sauerkraut”

Bottas was the first to venture back to the asphalt with Intermediates for a short time. Then the motto was: Wait and drink coffee in the box. Daniil Kwjat ventured briefly for a round in the rain, later Carlos Sainz, but for more than one round without time it was not enough.

“It sneezes again and again. It’s too dangerous. There is only the risk of destroying your car without gaining any insight,”said Red Bull boss Helmut Marko, the driver’s break. Meanwhile, the McLaren of Lando Norris has been busy at work. The car had a problem with a hydraulic valve. There was still trouble for Kimi Riding Kings: the race guide asks the Alfa driver to cash in because he was blown in the pitlane. At the boxing entrance he was five,8 km/h too fast and must drink 600 euros.

The conditions remained difficult. Actually it was too dry for the intermediates, but partly too wet for the dry tyres. A rope dance of a special kind. As soon before the end of the session the rain grew stronger, almost all the pilots with Intermediates drove again to the track.

The times from the start phase of the 2nd training, when it was still dry, were out of reach. In the end it was enough for Gasly and Verstappen at the two fastest times. Hamilton and Bottas followed. The fifth was Daniel Ricciardo before Kimi was king. Nico Hilkenberg finished the session as the back. Sebastian Vettel occupied with his time place 13.

New engine for Bottas

Lewis Hamilton had set the fastest time in his first free training, followed by Max Verstappen, who pushed himself a thousand feet in front of Sebastian Vettel. Valtteri Bottas had big problems. The Mercedes crew had to replace the engine after misfiring at the Power Unit. In the first 90 minutes of Friday, the Finnish could therefore not make a quoted round.