Rashica consultant talks about interest of England clubs

With strong achievements, Offensive Man Milot Rashica has been able to convince SV Werder Bremen of the football league in recent weeks. As a result, speculation about the interest of other clubs in the 23-year-old grew. Especially in England, the attacker seems to be very popular.

According to information from Gazetaolle, Rashica is on the same list with several top English clubs. More detailed information about the clubs is not mentioned in the report, however.

While the stormer was on a country trip with Kosovo, two scouts allegedly followed to the Czech Republic to look at the game against Rashica’s homeland, in which the 23-year-old 90-minute stood on the square.

Altin Lala, the advisor to the Werder-Stars, told the Kosovo newspaper that there are no concrete questions for his mandate.

“I don’t know, but it is normal, that at this stage the clubs are interested in Milot and every player of his level. This is normal in the area where I work,”Lala explained and added:”But I had no contact.”

Rashica:”Football is fast-moving”

Rashica himself had said in the last week against”Sport Image”to persistent rumors about his person:”I have a contract up to 2022, many times and our team is great. Fans do not have to worry at the moment,”explained the Kosovar, just to p u t it directly behind them:”Football is also fast-moving, so it is always difficult to plan its future far ahead.

Both Werder Sports Manager Frank Baumann and Gamemaker Lala had already expressed their confidence before, that the 27th-time national player stays at the traditional club beyond the summer 2020.

In addition to advertising from England, the Bundesliga competitor FC Schalke as well as the Italian renowned club AC Milan should be interested in an obligation of the stormer, who contributed four matches in the current season in the German Football Oberhaus.

“If a serious offer comes, my advisor Altin Lala informs me. I trust him, he played in Hanover himself once. He is not only my advisor, but also my friend,”Rashica continues, who clearly denies the question whether he has dealt with the collated offer from Milan.

Rashica, who has been under contract since January 2018 in the Hanseatic City, feels further emphasized well in Bremen and can therefore imagine a longer term stay at the Weser. His ambitions with Werder remain clear: “For us, it is now a question of getting points to narrow the gap. In principle, however, the goal remains Europe.”