Prokops Wackel candidates tremble at WM ticket

The result fit, the mood was great and German trainer Christian Prokop was in a good mood. Not because the German national handball team would have been so brilliant at the 32:24 (17:13) victory against the Czech Republic in the pre-last test game before the home championship. On the contrary, the frightening weaknesses at the beginning of both half-lives were just right.

“This was a very enlightening test,” said the Federal trainer: “Important findings, which we had already had in part, were confirmed again.” Whether he also included knowledge about the candidates for reelection, The 40-year-old wouldn’t betray. Prokop simply said to his cadre casting, “We want to send the strongest team to the World Cup.”

After the World Cup general rehearsal on Sunday in Kiel against Argentina, he has to strike two players from his current 18-head cadre. It is mainly Tim Suton (TBV Lemgo) and Franz Semper (SC DHfK Leipzig) who have not yet won a major tournament. But it could also catch a more prominent “victim” like the Berlin Paul Drux. Argentina is the last chance for all reelection candidates.

Wiencek to make mistakes: “We were all a little nervous”

Prokop did not see a connection between the fear of the strike and the many concentration weaknesses against the Czech Republic.” It was too much of a team mistake to make,”he said,”We wanted to make a big correction.”But more mistakes had been made. We were all a little nervous,”confessed cyclist Patrick Wiencek:”At the World Cup we must not make such mistakes, they will be punished even more harshly there.”

Prokop had to watch from the sidelines how the 6:0-defenses still do not work properly, especially as regards the alignment of the coverage with the gatekeepers. From the later 3:2:1 formation, Prokop, on the other hand, saw “a great pace game, that’s when you noticed, The 9967 fans in the sold-out Hannover arena honoured the strong final track of the German team.

Gensheimer leads the team

Outstanding in the last minutes was Captain Uwe Gensheimer. The world-class left-winger from the Paris St. Germain Top Club ran really hot after starting problems.” It has made Megaspass,”Gensheimer said:”We have all come to the hall with a smile.”

Also at the World Cup opening game next Thursday (18:15 o’clock) against a unified team from Korea, the audience in the Berlin Arena at the East Station will be a big factor in DHB selection. Prokop believes the home advantage will fly the team. He has already seen against the Czech Republic, “that the team stands together and fights”. At least that is already a big improvement compared to the EM debacle a year ago in Croatia.

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