Prokops " Mission Gold": The beginning is made

After the first victory after the EM debacle, German trainers Christian Prokop and the national handball team can breathe in for the first time. But the preparation for the mission “Heim-WM” has just begun.

The show then left Christian Prokop to his team. While the players wrote autographs around Captain Uwe Gensheimer and posed for selfies, the handball Bundestrainer made his way through the party-pulk in his home town of Leipzig. He had won it, the first game after the EM debacle and a brutal time for him. But big cheer scenes have never been his thing anyway.

“It is of course a question of showing constancy,” said Prokop after the 26:19 (12:7) victory against weak Serbs: “We have an incredibly enthusiastic audience looking forward to the home World Cup. The next challenge will b e on Saturday, when the selection of the German Handball Federation in Dortmund again receives Serbia.

victories as a starting shot for the Gold

Also a new success would not outweigh the embarrassing main round at the EM in Croatia. But victories can be, and so it has not become tired in the last few days to emphasize, a starting shot. For the World Cup next year in your own country.

“It is certainly the case that there are better opponents. But it was important for us to start with a win after the tournament,”the national player Steffen Weinhold summed it up more accurately.

New options on the gamemaker position

The motive of the breakup moved through all levels of the team on Wednesday in Leipzig. Prokop, who barely made it past his dismissal two months ago, tried new options with Niclas Pieczkowski and Fabian Wiede at his crucial gaming position. And above all Wiede received a commendation.

The Berliner “keeps flashing his qualities in decision-making,” said the Bundestrainer. So promising, even though not every reference to the circle was in the beginning.

Heinevetter brilliantly

A small piece of glitter succeeded in the defense, who presented herself slightly against Serbia and promptly in the first pass, thanks also to an excellent goalkeeper Silvio Heinevetter, only allowed seven hits. Julius Kuhn, however, pointed out: “We just have to keep it that way and call it off against even better teams.”

breakup was also felt among each other. Between coach and team. Where the EM was still buzzing. This is also why, in view of the short period of preparation since the arrival on Monday, the game was somewhat subordinate.” It was not the case that for the last two days we have put the emphasis on going into every tactical detail,”Weinhold said:”It was simply that we have a good mood here.”

Team Manager Oliver Roggisch is also responsible for that. From now on, he sits on the bench with Prokop to drive the team emotionally and to accompany them even closer. At the express request of the Federal trainer, who can concentrate even more on tactics and the game plan.” I didn’t like him just sitting behind me doing half-time interviews,”Prokop said with a smirk. There has been enough talk lately.

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