Prokop after test victory: Must " speak much"

Christian Prokop seemed relieved. After weeks of criticism, the Handball Bundestrainer almost 300-days before the home World Cup managed to restart the DHB selection.

For the 26:19 earned in the test game against Serbia, the host acted closed and as a unit –everything failed. Nevertheless, much was already better than at the disappointing EM in January in Croatia.

“We have changed a little in the defence to a system where we feel a little better,” said the rear-space bouncer Julius Kuhn. Because during the EM there had been criticism, especially of Prokops’constant changes and transformations. In Leipzig, the 39-year-old changed significantly less and now employs his players much more closely.


“We are in a closer exchange in terms of tactics and other things,” said Prokop. The Bundestrainer sets everything on a new start with his team, which must succeed before the so important home championship in January. A medal there is the minimum goal.

For this, Prokop toured the Republic many kilometres after the EM to have talks with his actors. This is to be continued in preparation for the World Cup.

“We must of course talk a lot and manage to get involved in the short preparatory period,” said Prokop. The next opportunity to do so is on Saturday, when the DHB selection for a second test in Dortmund meets again on Serbia.

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