Preetz vigorously rejects Europacup at the weekend

Michael Preetz, Managing Director of the football federation Hertha BSC, has vehemently opposed European Cup games at the weekend. The discussion about this was “fatal”, said the 51-year-old.

“Champions League at the weekend –that cannot be what we want. Our competition, the Bundesliga, is sacred. And the core game day Saturday, 15.30 o’clock, is sacred.”

Despite clear opposition from the Bundesliga, Andrea Agnelli, head of Juventus Turin, did not want to exclude international parties at the weekend.

“We have to plan the future,”said the president of the European Club Association (ECA) this week. However, according to Agnelli, the issue has not yet been discussed in the ongoing reform discussions on the Champions League and Europa League mode of 2024. Hertha is not a member of the Europe-wide association.

“We do well to ensure that the national leagues remain strong and retain their attractiveness as we now have them,” Preetz said. DFL chief Christian Seifert had described a relocation of Europacup games as a “red line” and threatened legal action.